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I am so excited to be honoring you [Selene] for this month’s Styling Love. Your Client Right mindset is inspiring and your open mind and willingness to partner with me when you were so new to my team helped us to build a trusting and supportive relationship so quickly. I love hearing your stories and how quick you are to share your life with me. I know your peers appreciate that you freely share in emails as well. Thank you for being a wonderful partner and making our time together so much fun!

-Jessica, Senior Director, Stitch Fix

Before I met Selene I was wool socks with sandals, hi-water sweat pants and a hand knit jacket from Tibet. She changed my life; she gift wrapped me in stylish shoes, shirts and jackets. Now people take me more seriously and I get a lot more clients.

-Ray, Mill Valley, CA


Selene took the time to go through my closet to see what items she could work with to recreate my image.  She showed me how to wear pieces I never thought I could wear and donated the unusable items to the charity of my choice.  Immediately afterwards, I received numerous compliments on how great I looked, even though I was wearing pieces I already owned for years but never paired correctly to formulate outfits that looked stunning on my body type.  She beefed up my confidence and now feel so fabulous in my own skin.

-Kara, Mill Valley, CA


I've never known what to wear or how to wear some pieces in my closet.  It's packed to the rim with clothes, but I felt I never had anything to wear!  Selene transformed my wardrobe immediately without having to go out and purchase much of anything at all;  just some staple items.  I feel fabulous and reborn!  Contrary to what you might expect, she actually saves you money and time while improving your look! Whereas I used to spend hours scouring stores in the past or making spontaneous (wrong) purchases, I now spend less money on clothes and love every piece in my closet. If you are busy, do not have time to do all the leg work and if you appreciate someone else's finely tuned eye and creativity, Selene is a great resource! You will love working with her!

-Maren, San Francisco, CA

Can’t rave enough about Selene and her sense of style. I have such a hard time cleaning out my closet, but Selene, using a gentle but firm touch, helped me edit, coordinate, and organize everything by garment type, color and event (work, social event, athleisure, etc). I can actually see what I have, and now, thanks to Selene, I have just what I need. She has freed up space in my closet, and in my mind. Brava Selene, and thank you!!

-Claudia, News Reporter, Los Angeles, CA and Mill Valley, CA

I had a black tie function to attend and I had no idea where to shop and what to look for to look fabulous.  I was going to be in the limelight and so I had to have "the look".  Selene found the perfect dress for me, accessories and all to be the "talk of the town" afterwards.  I received so many compliments and owe it all to Selene!

-Hilary, Napa, CA


 I just never know what to wear, so I contacted Selene who quickly transformed my image.  She knew just what staples to purchase for me and taught me the types of clothes that accentuate my body parts.  I could not have been happier afterwards and feel so confident in my own skin!  

-Zuriel, Ashland, OR


Regardless of what your stylistic direction or budget is, Selene is an invaluable resource in helping optimize your look and boosting your confidence. From high fashion to value shopping, Selene is extremely versatile and savvy. She knows just how to attain the look that best fits your style (and budget) and she does so with fun, energy and enthusiasm. Although she is not tied to a certain look and always works towards the objectives of her clients, her fashion sense is spot on.  Her creativity manages to take you just to the right edge of your personal comfort zone without ever creating the feeling that you are being pushed too far. Once you begin working with Selene, she helps direct you to just the right pieces and prices, keeping your entire wardrobe in mind. 

-Mary, Mill Valley, CA

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